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Proxmox hookscript to shutdown proxmox server when all VM shutdown

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Goal is to use proxmox hookscript to shutdown Proxmox server when all the VMs are shutdown.

Hook Scripts

Hook scripts allow you to run a script based on a VMs execution phase .

This feature is not extensively documented (that I could find). From what I can gather the supported phases are:

pre-start post-start pre-stop post-stop An example hook script can be found in the onboard docs at the following location:


For my purposes, I will be using the bash script from the previous post with a couple of alterations to make it more portable and useable for multiple guests.

Hook Script Location

Hook scripts need to be stored in a snippets/ directory on a storage pool that Proxmox knows about. I will place my scripts in the /var/lib/vz/ directory that maps to the local storage pool.

Hook Script

Create a file named in the /var/lib/vz/snippets/ directory with the following contents.


if [[ $EXECUTION_PHASE == "post-stop" ]]

#/usr/bin/echo "EXE : $EXECUTION_PHASE" >> $LOGGING;


# get list of VMs on the node
VMIDs=$(qm list| awk '/[0-9]/ {print $1}')
for VM in $VMIDs
        if [[ $(qm status $VM) =~ running ]]

if [ $ALVMS == "OFF" ]
        shutdown -h now;
        /usr/bin/echo "SERVER SHUTTING DOWN : $current_date_time" >> $LOGGING;
echo ""


When Proxmox executes this script, it does so with 2 arguments.

VM_ID EXECUTION_PHASE These arguments can be mapped to variables in the script. In my case I am mapping them as follows.


The other thing that is required, is to make the script executable.

chmod +x /var/lib/vz/snippets/

Connect Hook Script

Now that the hook script is created, we need to connect it to a VM. Connect the hookscript to both the eda01 and eta01 VMs with the following command.

qm set 201 --hookscript local:snippets/
qm set 204 --hookscript local:snippets/

# Output
update VM 201: -hookscript local:snippets/
update VM 204: -hookscript local:snippets/

That's it! Now when the VM or host shuts down, the Proxmox server will shutdown automagically.

How to Disconnect Hook a Script

If for some reason you want to disconnect a hook script from a VM, use the following command.

qm set 201 --delete hookscript

# Output
update VM 201: -delete hookscript