Proxmox hookscript to shutdown proxmox server when all VM shutdown

Goal is to use proxmox hookscript to shutdown Proxmox server when all the VMs are shutdown.

Hook Scripts

Hook scripts allow you to run a script based on a VMs execution phase .

This feature is not extensively documented (that I could find). From what I can gather the supported phases are:

pre-start post-start pre-stop post-stop An example hook script can be found in the onboard docs at the following location:


For my purposes, I will be using the bash script from the previous post with a couple of alterations to make it more portable and useable for multiple guests.

Hook Script Location

Hook scripts need to be stored in a snippets/ directory on a storage pool that Proxmox knows about. I will place my scripts in the /var/lib/vz/ directory that maps to the local storage pool.

Hook Script

Create a file named in the /var/lib/vz/snippets/ directory with the following contents.


if [[ $EXECUTION_PHASE == "post-stop" ]]

#/usr/bin/echo "EXE : $EXECUTION_PHASE" >> $LOGGING;


# get list of VMs on the node
VMIDs=$(qm list| awk '/[0-9]/ {print $1}')
for VM in $VMIDs
        if [[ $(qm status $VM) =~ running ]]

if [ $ALVMS == "OFF" ]
        shutdown -h now;
        /usr/bin/echo "SERVER SHUTTING DOWN : $current_date_time" >> $LOGGING;
echo ""


When Proxmox executes this script, it does so with 2 arguments.

VM_ID EXECUTION_PHASE These arguments can be mapped to variables in the script. In my case I am mapping them as follows.


The other thing that is required, is to make the script executable.

chmod +x /var/lib/vz/snippets/

Connect Hook Script

Now that the hook script is created, we need to connect it to a VM. Connect the hookscript to both the eda01 and eta01 VMs with the following command.

qm set 201 --hookscript local:snippets/
qm set 204 --hookscript local:snippets/

# Output
update VM 201: -hookscript local:snippets/
update VM 204: -hookscript local:snippets/

That's it! Now when the VM or host shuts down, the Proxmox server will shutdown automagically.

How to Disconnect Hook a Script

If for some reason you want to disconnect a hook script from a VM, use the following command.

qm set 201 --delete hookscript

# Output
update VM 201: -delete hookscript