PSD to Shopify: How To Convert PSD To Shopify Easily

So, you might have created web design layouts on Photoshop and have image files that summarize every aspect of your product page as per your desire. Supposedly you hear about the benefits of Shopify and decide to convert your PSD designs to Shopify templates.

Well if so, you have made the right decision? Refer to this guide carefully where we will help you get your PSD designs converted into Shopify templates with a few simple steps.

Before starting with PSD conversion process, let’s give light to Shopify and know what exactly it is. Shopify is one of the best eCommerce solutions for those businesses, who are looking to setup online stores.It delivers ready-to-go product pages, inventory management, shopping carts, wish lists, product comments, etc. that lessen the problem related to web development task. The best thing is it charges a small monthly fee.

Considering the design, the interface is customizable that can easily be compatible with any brands. Moreover, site also offers standard, design templates for free to newbie to start their business. Those people, who want to make their store stand out from others, can obtain a custom HTML/CSS design.

Things to Require For Starting PSD to Shopify Conversion Process

Let us have a look at some instructions that show how to convert your PSD design into a fully functional coded Shopify page. For that, you have to first sign up for a free Shopify account.

– Knowledge about CSS/HTML – PhotoShop design for your page, PhotoShop skills and a working copy of the program. – A Shopify account and knowledge about customization settings.

Steps to Follow for Converting PSD to Shopify

After opening the Shopify account, you need to follow the below steps.

Set up a development store After creating your Shopify Partner Account, navigate to the “Development stores” tab in your dashboard and click “Create a development store” button.

Open Your PSD document Design in PhotoShop and Use the Slice Tool. First of all, you have to slice your PSD design into small pieces using the slice ToolSlice tool. Now, you have to separate plan into smaller division section like “header,” “footer” and “sidebar” to make coding easier and customizable. You have to draw a rectangle around the elements that you want to separate.

Save the files as images (JPEG, JPG.) In the next step, you have to save the image by choosing File, Save for Web, and choose the highest resolution. After that, you have to keep in a jpeg format. You will prevent a pixelated and blurry image from your site.

Save your PSD file as an HTML file. Now, you have to save the completed version as a .html file in the same PhotoShop program.

Upload and Add Your files into the Shopify customizable CSS. Lastly, you have to upload new HTML and image file to your services, and now, you are ready to edit your page’s template. You can even replace the relevant images with the page’s template. Now, the process of PSD to Shopify is completed successfully.

Find and Install theme Now that you have sliced your PSD file, now it’s time to browse through the Shopify Theme Store and find a template that is already close to your PSD file design. In the dashboard of your development store, go to Online Store Themes and click “Visit Theme Store”.

Customize Shopify Theme to match your PSD Once your favourite theme is installed, go to the Theme Manager to customize your Shopify theme according to your PSD file’s design. Click “Customize theme” button in your Theme Manager, and it’ll take you to the Theme editor where you can modify and preview theme settings in real-time.

You need to edit these theme files and restoring the images with your relevant sliced photos can make your Shopify theme look exactly like you want it to. As you can see, every file in the above screenshot ends with a ‘.liquid’ extension. If you have a closer look at a ‘.liquid’ file, you’ll notice it’s just like a regular HTML file with some embedded code.

Add personalized features Now that you have successfully converted your Photoshop design file, it’s time to add desired custom functionalities to your brand-new Shopify theme. Click the Apps icon in your development store dashboard, and you’ll see several apps available to enhance your store’s functionality. To explore more Shopify apps, you may further click the Visit Shopify App Store button.

Once your all development work is complete, there are two ways you can use the newly PSD to Shopify converted theme:

– Export the theme from your development store and then import it to the Live Shopify Store as the primary theme.

– Switch your development store to one of Shopify’s paid plans.

Reasons to Choose PSD to Shopify conversion service. Those people, who don’t have fluency with HTML or CSS, are advised to hire a Shopify Builder, who helps you make your site more professional.

Shopify Builder is a professional team of developers, who have expertise in developing dynamic online shopping experiences. They are committed to providing professional outcomes within determined time-frame.

Shopify professionals are developing a pixel-perfect representation by using your PSD designs like JPG, TIF, BMP, etc. that coded according to the Shopify server. The coding is well-written to obey with W3C standards in CSS formats and HTML/XHTML. The codes are used for conversion are error-free, clean and semantic.

You can receive your templates that you have installed straight onto the site or you can extract ZIP files as well. Lastly, you will see the final design that should be compatible with every device and browser. A complete Search Engine Optimization and content production are included in our service for your page.

Why choose us to convert PSD into Shopify? Suppose you are not fluent with HTML or CSS. It would be best to hire a team of experts to ensure your website sees and manages its maximum potential, especially since website errors can give potential customers a professional look.

Perception System is a team of professionals Shopify builders working with brands worldwide to create a dynamic shopping online shopping experience. With a short practice time, we can achieve professional results. – We work with your PSD design (or JPG, TIF, BMP, etc.) to create the perfect pixel-perfect presentation for Shopify servers.

All code is written in HTML / XHTML and CSS format to comply with W3C standards.All coding is clean, meaningful and error-free.The template can be sent to you as a zip file or installed directly on the site for you.The final design is guaranteed to be compatible with every browser and device. Our services include full search engine optimization and content creation for your page. (Different levels on request.) See our portfolio for more information on why this is so critical to the success of your business.