but is there any catch
Why free? What’s the catch?

Yes and NO. Shopify store setup service is FREE! But only available to stores that we setup from our shopify partner account. That is new stores or stores that are on shopify's trial plan. Not available to store signup for a shopify plan and stores setup through other shopify partners.

You are eligible for the Free shopify setup service

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Shopify Setup Expert


Shopify Setup Expert


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What is included in shopify setup service
Find more about what services that are included in shopify store setup.
Account Setup

We will open your shopify store Account. You will get Unlimited days to build and test your shopify store. No need to worry for Trial days.

Theme Setup

Upload store logo, banner/slider images and trust badges. Setup Navigation menu, Header and footer using Theme customizer

Up to 50 Products

Upload up to 50 products with SKU, images, description and all product options. Link products to collections and setup tags.

5 Pages

Add 5 pages like about us, contact us, return policy, privacy policies, etc.

Collection Setup

Add all collections / categories of products.

3 App Setup

Install up to 3 free or paid app you select.

Payment Gateway

Set up and configure different payment methods.

Setup Shipping

Set up and configure different shipping methods.

Domain Setup

We will connect your shopify store with your domain name and your store go online.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Free Shopify store setup

Here’s how it works. You pay Shopify for your account. Then Shopify pays us a commission. You get your site setup free. Shopify gets another happy customer. We get a monthly commission based on your Shopify plan (not your sales). You pay us nothing.

Contact us and provide basic information about your planned store. We will then open a development store for you. We will setup everything and then hand over the store to you.

Depends on store to store and how much work load we currently have. Generally it will take from 3 days to 1 week.

Yes! We do provide support. We will help you understand and navigate shopfiy admin.

If you want any extra tasks done. It will be additional charge. Additional charge is $20/hour.

Shopify Setup Expert

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